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Slowly if your partner is getting away from you

 If you feel that your relationship is not the same now

It has been observed that sometimes our relationships start getting stronger and sometimes our relationships also start getting weaker. We have come to know that a relationship that is weak is always that of a girlfriend boyfriend or husband and wife. It is not that no other relationship is ever weak. There are many relationships that sometimes start to weaken like our relationships with friends Sometimes they start getting weaker, now what is the reason that we are talking about them. When we start living with someone for a long time, that person either becomes our need for us, this person feels burdensome to us. There can be many reasons for this, such as if the person in front of us respects you, then we feel that it is not the right person for us, it may be that the person in front of us is not able to understand our words. Since, we still wonder if that person is not worth living in our lives. Sometimes we add so many things to a decision, we have done it for a person to know if that person is with us in our life. Qualified or not, it's not that the person in front is wrong, sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we may have flaws and maybe we don't fix our shortcomings and hope that the person in front The person should accept us like this.

We should also see our mistakes

We cannot always live life on our own terms. We should keep in mind that all people have self-respect and all people think differently, only then we will be able to have a good relationship with someone. If you are not able to feel connected with your partner, then you should think why you are not able to connect with your partner. You must be missing me Being different from anyone is not the solution to everything. And it is also a matter that if you are having a relationship with someone and you are having problems in that relationship, then there is no way to make your life decisions very carefully.

It is great to get advice from a smart person

If you have a problem, whether it is a domestic problem or an external problem, you should always consult your elders, if you consult them, it may be more beneficial for you. The reason for this is that our elder people live more than us, they have more experience of life, they will definitely advise you about right and wrong which will benefit you a lot.


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